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The Panjabi characteristics of a garment made from fine cotton fabric. Here’s a breakdown of these features:
Fabric Type:
Fine Cotton: The fabric used is fine cotton. Fine cotton typically refers to a high-quality, finely woven cotton fabric known for its softness and comfort.
– Regular Fit: The garment is designed with a regular fit. Regular-fit clothing typically provides a comfortable and relaxed fit without being too tight or too loose.
– Plain Weave: The fabric features a plain weave. Plain weave is one of the most basic and common weaving patterns, resulting in a simple and uniform appearance.
– Soft and Smooth: The fabric is described as soft and smooth, which indicates a comfortable and pleasant texture against the skin.
– Matte Finish: The fabric has a matte finish, meaning it doesn’t have a shiny or glossy appearance
– Highly Breathable: The fabric is highly breathable, which is a desirable quality for clothing. It allows air to flow through, keeping the wearer comfortable and cool.
– Durable and Long-Lasting: The fabric is mentioned as durable and long-lasting, suggesting that it can withstand wear and washing over time.
– Solid or Subtle Patterns: The design of the fabric is described as solid or featuring subtle patterns. Solid fabrics are versatile and timeless, while subtle patterns can add a touch of elegance without being too bold.
– Uniform Appearance: The fabric has a uniform appearance, which means it doesn’t have pronounced variations or irregularities in its texture or pattern.

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