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Mens World® Gift Voucher Details

• Customers will buy gift vouchers from mensworld.com.bd website.
• If a customer buys 3 vouchers for example, Tk. 2,000, Tk. 5,000, Tk. 10,000 then Mens World® will share the 3 vouchers amount separately with the customer’s contact number.
• Mens World® will input all the voucher amounts along with the customer’s information in Mens World®’s server.
• Customers will visit Mens World® retail stores, select the Products they like and tell the Branch Manager that He has mensworld.com,bd vouchers against his/her mobile number which they want to redeem.
• Branch manager will ask the customer to provide their mobile number and the voucher amount.
• Branch manager will search the mobile number in Mens World® software and find the customer information for gift voucher.
• If the product price is more than the voucher value then the customers will pay the extra amount through cash, bKash or cards.
• All Products of Mens World® retail stores are excluding vat (Value Added Tax). Customer should be pay the vat amount approximately 7.5% with sale value.

• The validity of the vouchers will be 100 (hundred) days after he/she gets an activation SMS from Mens World®.

Terms & Conditions
• Customers will be allowed to buy only regular price products through gift vouchers.
• The vouchers can be redeemed in any Mens World® stores and online.
• This card will be activated if full payment is done.
• The Gift Voucher has to be used fully in a single transaction. One can purchase multiple items using one Gift Voucher. If the total payable value exceeds the Gift Voucher value extra amount can be paid in cash, bKash or card. But if there’s any remaining that can’t be used.
• Mens World® will take care the customer claims regarding product issue(s).